As a citizen of the world who values cultural diversity, I bring a global perspective to my work.
The fabric of our lives is woven from threads both mythical and real. Paths we tread to events are one of a kind, yet they’re archetypal of the age-old maps and rituals charted by our ancestors.

Along the way we accumulate wisdom, intuitively follow and lead; we gather the threads of fortune, good and bad. Sometimes we’re offered shelter or guided by angels; other times our journeys are lashed by storms or derailed by monsters. As lands rush by and life goes on, we weave strands of change across filaments of continuity, until finally, our identity reveals its direction, and we recognize our destination.

This is about my map of the world and the rites of passage that charted my way.
I coach people who are dealing with change, and I help artists improve their creativity and productivity.
I work with individuals from various creative backgrounds, corporate groups, and executives.
A memoir about expatriation that explores the impact of change on relationships.
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